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Textile Fabric Export in Turkey

Turkey has an important worldwide position in the textile industry and fabric exports are an important part of this industry. The Turkish textile industry is a leading producer for both raw materials and finished products. The rapid increase in Turkish fabric exports can be explained by the increase in the product quality of the manufacturers and the expansion in export markets.

Turkey's fabric exports include various fabrics made from various raw materials such as cotton, wool, silk and synthetics. The country's largest fabric export markets include the European Union, North America and the Middle East. Turkish fabric exports have reached a volume of approximately 8 billion dollars in recent years.

Turkish fabric exports have provided fabric to many well-known brands around the world over the years. In addition, Turkey leads the development and implementation of many new technologies that other countries also use in fabric production. The Turkish fabric industry also stands out in terms of customer satisfaction by offering fabrics that can be customized according to the demands of its customers.

The export activities of Polido Tekstil are quite extensive and its products are exported to many countries around the world. The company has many certificates to prove its compliance with international standards and adopts environmentally friendly and sustainable methods in its production process.

Polido Tekstil plays an important role in Turkey's textile fabric exports and stands out in the sector with its production quality and sustainability-oriented approach. The company contributes to the growth of Turkey's textile fabric exports by offering high quality and sustainable products to its customers.

As a result, Turkish fabric export is a globally recognized sector and the country's production capacity and quality are constantly increasing. The Turkish textile industry will continue to have an important position in the world and will continue to increase its export potential.

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