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Explore the Aesthetics and Quality of Jacquard Fabrics with Polido Tekstil

Polido Tekstil specializes in a wide range of jacquard fabric production, offering a diverse selection including Terry Jacquard, Links Jacquard, Interlock Jacquard, Fine Jacquard, Quilted Jacquard, Supreme Jacquard, and Waffle Jacquard. These various fabric types form our portfolio and stand out in the textile world by combining design and quality.

Terry Jacquard is renowned for its superior absorbent properties and luxurious touch. Links Jacquard, on the other hand, stands out with its pattern diversity and eye-catching appearance. Interlock Jacquard fabrics blend flexibility and comfort, making them a preferred choice in both clothing and home textiles. Fine Jacquard enriches fabrics with intricate details, creating visually appealing textiles.

Quilted Jacquard fabrics find their use in various areas, from pillowcases to furniture upholstery, adding an elegant touch to spaces. Supreme Jacquard, known for its high quality and durability, is favored across a wide spectrum from outerwear to interior design. Waffle Jacquard fabrics draw attention with their textures and are particularly ideal for home textile products.

At Polido Tekstil, our quality and innovation-driven approach places us at the forefront of jacquard fabric production. Each of our jacquard fabrics is meticulously designed and produced using the latest technology and craftsmanship. This allows us to offer our customers high performance, aesthetics, and durability.

“Polido Means Innovation