Human Resources

Polido Tekstil Human Resources Policy

Polido Tekstil states that it has a priority in the quality and satisfaction of human resources. Our human resources policy is designed to increase the internal and external motivation of our employees, to allow their development and to offer them the most suitable working environment.

Polido Tekstil aims to ensure efficient use of human resources and excellent performance. In line with this purpose, it encourages our employees to participate in training and development programs for their jobs and offers opportunities for their career development. In addition, our human resources policy also prioritizes social responsibility issues and the physical, psychological and social needs of our employees.

Polido Tekstil does not discriminate and ensures that every employee is treated equally. In order to increase the satisfaction and motivation of our employees, it pays attention to the comfortable and safe working environment and encourages them to evaluate their ideas about their work.

As Polido Tekstil, we aim to continuously improve our human resources policy and increase the satisfaction and motivation of our employees. In this direction, we constantly review our human resources policy and evaluate opportunities for improvement.

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